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BADco. Changes

This post closes the little series on performances shown during ‘Tanz im August‘ 2008. Yesterday I went to see BADco.’s Changes at Sophiensaele.

Changes (concept and choreography: Nikolina Pristaš) is a hard piece. And with those horrible chairs in the front row of Sophiensaele it is double so. It took a little while for me to get anything out of it. In fact it took until the Q&A aferwards. I didn’t so much listen to the talk then used this time to think about what I had just seen.

Everybody’s Impersonation Game

The Impersonation Game is a format whose aim is to “to expand the understanding of your work through watching/listening to other people speaking about it”. It’s is part of ‘Everybodys Toolbox‘. This is how it works:

You show a work to the people you would like to impersonate you (people you would like to expand notions of your work). You can show it live or on video, but it should be a presentation of the work itself. After the showing you set up an after talk where you, the person who made the work is the interviewer, interviewing at least 3 persons who try to impersonate you.

I saw a version of it at Tanz im August. The performance being talked about was ‘Work in Progress’ by Janek Jansa. I hadn’t seen it, so to me the conversation was twice removed: People were talking about a piece that they didn’t create as if they had created it and I listened as if I had seen it.

Album (Praticable) von Frédéric Gies

Ich war gerade im Podewil (Tanz im August) und habe mir dort das neue Stück ‘Album (Praticable)‘ von Frédéric Gies angesehen. Hat mir sehr gut gefallen und kann ich auf jeden Fall empfehlen. Leider hatte ich meine Kamera vergessen, sonst könnte ich hier auch noch einen visuellen Eindruck vermitteln.

‘Album’ ist ein Solo. Das Stück erinnert im Aufbau an ein Konzert oder vielleicht eher noch an ein Musik-Album (hence the name). Frédéric Gies tanzt 6 verschiedene kürzere Tänze, die durch das Album-Prinzip und ein gemeinsames Konzept zusammengehalten werden: Ein tänzerisches Konzept-Album also.

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