Its taken a long while.

At ausland we wanted to be able to easily record our shows. In addition we wanted to be able to stream any show through our webserver. Early on we had dubbed this project ‘One Button Recording’. The idea was that it should very easy to use so that even people with little or no knowledge about the involved technologies could do it.

The hardware used is:

  • a donated pentium 4 2.8Ghz computer
  • two condenser oktava microphones
  • a microphone preamp build from a kit
  • a donated hammerfall dsp soundcard

Since I am the ‘IT departement’ at ausland and since I had stopped using Windows some time ago I decided to use Linux for this project. I’ve used debian on servers, but on my desktop machines I use Ubuntu exclusively. So I decided to put this project together using Ubuntu Studio 8.04.